Event Management & Production | Murder Mystery | Team Building



Your company is being held to ransom by an evil group of International criminals - The Syndicate. They have kidnapped one of your top executives and are about to release a fatal virus into your company computer system, which means you will not get paid next month unless their ransom demands are met!

Time to call in “I.R.I.S.”…......International Reactive Intelligence Service

The teams are briefed by The Operations Agent on their Mission and the Challenge ahead. Once they have received all the information they need, they are given a time limit for completion and allocated starting points around your chosen city then set off. It is up to the teams how they allocate responsibilities and manage their time.

The Mission:

  • To find the kidnap location and victim in the allotted time
  • To gain enough information to free the victim

Teams are judged on their teamwork, challenge results, timekeeping and whether their information will secure the release of the kidnap victim.
A Team Challenge experience available worldwide to motivate, engage, entertain and inspire your employees. We can also incorporate your company objectives for the event into the plot.