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Attention to Detail

Published 26 March 2017

This morning at 6.30am on the way into the office I saw a traditional Barbers shop open for business. The barber was standing at the door so I asked how much for a trim, he told me – nearly twice what I normally pay but something drew me in.

The shop was very tidy with traditional grooming sundries for gentlemen and most of the shop fittings were from the fifties. It reminded me of a time when the customer was king. No television showing non-stop sports, just a quiet radio in the background, quiet enough to enjoy a chat. I asked for a number three all over but I got a three, two and a one and probably one of the best haircuts I’ve ever had. The friendly old gent, who had been a hairdresser for 56 years, informed me that hairdressers now have to carry out just 10 haircuts before they leave college and become qualified, compared to the six year apprenticeship he had to complete.

Going the extra mile

The barber was polite, interesting and interested in what I had to say, how great I thought to get my hair cut on the way to work at a time that suits me. The cut throat razor finish to my neck, the eyebrow trim, the perfumed talc, the hot lemon scented flannel to wipe my face and neck was a luxury – no cost to him but I will never forget it and I left without a stray hair clipping on me, no itchy neck for the first time ever. He extended his hand, introduced himself as Tony and asked my name, I have a feeling next time I go in he will remember it.


I left the shop feeling ten feet tall and ready to take on the business world, it then dawned on me, everything that had happened in there was for me and I was feeling that I’d had a great experience and really got my moneys worth. So it’s not always the cheapest price that wins and that going the extra mile will be noticed and not forgotten.

As we try to do at ADP Events and Art Deco Productions, it is so important to leave the customer feeling special, that they’ve had a great experience and ensuring they return time and again. Believe me, I will.