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East Corriedale


A New Production from ADP TV

This Team Challenge event is based around the premise that the television production company, ADP TV is casting for a brand new soap opera to be called “East Corriedale”. In an innovative move, the producers have decided that, in order to make it “fresh and exciting”, it is all going to be unscripted and improvised apart from a basic outline given to you, the actors.

Set in a venue of your choice, maybe a theatre, hotel or we can even arrange the use of a former television studio in the Midlands where TV Game Shows were filmed. Three professional actors portraying the Executive Producer, the Director and Acting Coach will guide the participants through the event from conception to final performance.

Everyone is gathered together and the Acting Coach will lead them in a very short but entertaining physical and vocal warm up session and explain the art of improvisation. Each team will then prepare their scene from given guidelines and put together a short scene using the available props and costumes. Each team's final scene will be filmed and at the end will be edited together to make the pilot episode of "East Corriedale" which will be shown to the participants at the end of the session or over dinner.

This team challenge is designed as a busy, engaging yet humorous event that can demonstrate individual abilities and team dynamics.

A Team Challenge experience available worldwide to motivate, engage, entertain and inspire your employees. We can also incorporate your company objectives for the event into the plot.

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