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What makes a good Murder Mystery event?

Published 24 January 2020

The murder mystery events we provide at ADP Events were recently described by a colleague as "an experience as opposed to background entertainment such as provided by some other companies". This was especially pleasing to me as this is exactly what I set out to achieve 20 years ago when I formed the company. I'd witnessed some very poor events in my role as an actor back then: from plots lacking in depth or content once pre-dinner drinks were finished to costumes that didn't fit (if they turned up at all), "actors" pulled in off the street with no idea of how to entertain or use the available space and worst of all had no respect for the client.


Each plot, venue, group of actors and audience require a different set of skills which can only be judged on the night, therefore the actors have to be able to adapt at very short notice and be aware of the changes needed to entertain. We use fully scripted plots but the actors are talented enough to come off the script, interact with the audience and go straight back to it. They have to be, in my mind, the equivalent of a stand-up comic as well as a good actor and we're very fortunate to be able to draw on a pool of tried and trusted actors, all Equity members, with a great deal of experience in theatre, film, TV, role play and corporate work. We regularly receive standing ovations which is a testament to their skills.

Plots / Costumes / Props

To keep clients engaged for the duration of the event, the plot must have depth, twists and turns and plenty of comedy. We know the audience will consist of a mix of competitive people who will want their team to solve the mystery and win, people who want to just sit back, watch and have a good laugh and people who want to join in the banter but most of all, they all want a good night out. We provide quality costumes and props of the chosen period to set the mood and the paperwork we supply in the form of clues throughout the event enhances the experience and this is carried on even to the day after.

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Pre / Post Event Service

Reassurance is vital. The client's trusting us to provide the experience we promised, which can only be done with thorough preparation. We want the client to arrive at the venue, relax and know that we'll take over from that point so they can enjoy the experience with their colleagues. We aim to eliminate as many unexpected events as possible by being prepared prior to and during the event and working closely with the venue staff to achieve this. So, in a nutshell that's how we do it! I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on the subject.

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