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The Soap Opera Team Challenge ‘East Corriedale’ was even better than the fabulous Murder Mystery event we did with ADP Events last year. How innovative! What a fantastic and creative idea! The way the actors delivered the unfolding stages of the activity through dinner, between the courses and into the rehearsal phase and then to the crescendo of the performance was utterly brilliant. It was entertaining, imaginative, totally engaging and very, very funny indeed. All the team members were fully involved in the production of the Soap Opera. Every single person loved the opportunity to get fully involved, writing the crazy lines, putting on the costumes and using the weird and bizarre props, but getting fully immersed in the whole process from start to finish with the hilarious characters and their outrageous but very witty names. The scenarios were hysterical and even the most bashful was up there giving Oscar winning performances – including one of the team doing the splits! Thank you so much for what was described by the Director as the best and funniest night of his working life. They will never forget the event and it is guaranteed to be a talking point for months – and probably years – to come. How are you going to top that next time? Because we’ll definitely want a next time!